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Thanks for looking in. I’m James. I make videos that explore the future we’re creating.

Each video examines an idea or innovation that is shaping our future and seeks to explain it, and explore what it might mean for our tomorrow.

I’ve created the YouTube Channel ‘Ours For The Making’ to explore a whole range of topics from technology to geo-politics to pop-culture.

Alongside examining a range of interesting questions and topics, the channel is an open invitation to each of us to imagine the many ways the future could look, and to remember ‘the future’ is ultimately ours for the making. You can subscribe to the channel here.

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What you can expect: It gathers together the original (and often, extended) video scripts, along with further references to actionable ways to think and do longer-term.

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‘Future-gifting’ your future self

Important questions shaping life, work and the wider world require you and I to lift our eyes to the horizon and look through a longer-term lens. But, being such a vast expanse of possibility, the future can look pretty daunting.

So, how can you engage with it in a more positive and purposeful way?

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Ours For The Making’s quest has three phases

1. Escape short-term thinking

We live in a world that’s obsessed with the short-term, with technology, society and our own minds holding us in a tight territory of time in the here and now.

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2. Get ‘future-fit’

Discover the qualities of someone who is ‘future-fit’ – in other words, someone who engages positively and purposefully with the future.

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3. Live long-term

Discover what living life for the long-term really looks and feels like. Could a life that’s informed by a positive, purposeful vision of the long-term future be a better way to live?

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I’m James Janson Young. I’m an independent analyst and researcher, guitarist, pianist and songwriter.

I’m fascinated by how we engage with the future. And sometimes actively don’t. In particular, I’m interested in how we can use different time-horizons to reveal better ways to live, love, work and play.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can find me on twitter and instagram.

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