What does ‘future-fit’ mean?

Picture a person who engages positively and purposefully with the future… 

…they use the skill of mental time-travel as part of their everyday life…

It helps them to imagine new possibilities, plan and prepare.

It informs the choices they make.

It inspires and motivates them. It offers them perspective and encourages them forward.

You might describe this person as being ‘future-fit’.


What core qualities does this person possess?

What behaviours and habits do they exhibit?

What kind of mindset do they hold?

7 ‘future-fit’ fundamentals

The 7 fundamentals of a ‘future-fit’ person attempts to set out those core qualities.

It’s based on what the research tells us about how we engage with the future as well as personal insights.

It offers you a framework to guide us on our quest to live better by looking to the future

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