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New Analytical Makers

#24 (8 December 2022) What my first data analyst job actually taught me (and how it can help you)

The Makers

#23 (8 August 2022) What we get wrong when we try and imagine the future

#22 (1 August 2022) “DALL-E MINI” will transform how you see AI

#21 (27 June 2022) What we get wrong when we think about the future of music

#20 (10 June 2022) How ABBA Voyage changes live music, forever

#19 (25 May 2022) What are eVTOLs? And the future of our cities’ skies

#18 (13 May 2022) Why our roads are terribly prepared for the future

#17 (22 November 2021) Are you a good ancestor?

#16 (1 November 2021) A new mindset for the future: introducing future-gifting

#15 (29 October 2021) What’s the best that could happen?

#14 (19 October 2021) What’s the worst that could happen? (How to think and act in genuine uncertainty)

#13 (11 October 2012) How can you ‘count’ the future?

#12 (4 October 2021) How can you ‘weigh’ the future?

#11 (27 September 2021) Understand your mind, better shape your future?

#10 (20 September 2021) The Makers hits 10!

#9 (13 September 2021) How to think about your time in ‘territories’

#8 (6 September 2021) How you experience time today

#7 (30 August 2021) Can your long term commitments survive change?

#6 (23 August 2021) How to become a projectionist

#5 (16 August 2021) Is your future-thinking stuck in the present?

#4 (9 August 2021) The (many) ways future-thinking can boost your career

#3 (2 August 2021) How you think about the future (4 ways)

#2 (26 July 2021) The Most Important Thing

#1 (19 July 2021) What 1 year’s research can tell you about the future



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